Your Well-Being is our Business

About Us

 At Wellpower, your well-being is our business.

That means we partner with you to achieve significant and lasting results in improving the quality of your life. If you are looking to reduce your stress, make peace with your body, and live a more creative and authentic life, we can help. We work with companies and individuals, offering onsite seminars, teleclasses, ecourses, and coaching.

  Tom Bonow

Tom Bonow is a speaker, facilitator and executive coach who specializes in leadership and communication skills, work/life balance, stress management, and personal effectiveness.  He earned his BA in Sociology at Gettysburg College and is certified as a Masters level in Neuro-Linguistics.  Before co-founding Wellpower, Inc. in 1997, he had a successful 25-year career as the regional sales director with the world's largest insurance broker. 

Tom serves on local charity boards and is an active community volunteer.  He brings a healthy sense of humor and a quest for calm to companies everywhere, and his favorite stress-reducing activity is wearing a clown nose in rush-hour traffic.  Today Tom partners with clients to create empowering and productive workplaces. 


Penny Plautz                                              

As th
e creative force behind Wellpower, Penny is passionate about helping people create a life they love.  She is an ACE-Certified Fitness Instructor, Creativity Coach, and the author of Body Confidence From the Inside Out.  She wrote  Wellness Works!, Secrets to Stress Less Living, Read It & Leap, and developed Stress Less Living (tm) Audio Solutions.
She has managed health clubs in Texas and New Mexico and be
en a faculty member at Santa Fe Community College.  After wandering around the high desert or over a decade, she has returned to the Midwest where she is now the center facilitator for Clinton Community College in Maquoketa, Iowa.  She blogs regularly at  www.midlifemacgyver.com and www.pennyplautz.com.




















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